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The next obstacle that we had to overcome was getting all the required visas. We tried to get them all before departure. Some countries charge outrageous fees. Then there was the headache of visa-expiry dates. Typically, a visa is only good for a month or 90 days after issue. We had potential problems in that some visas would expire before we had even started the trip or before we arrived at a country. Some countries have consulates in Toronto (a Canadian business centre) but some visas are only available in Ottawa (the capital). Those available in Toronto we got ourselves. The rest were done via travel agents, or we mailed our passports to the embassies in Ottawa. I was quite concerned that it would be a major disaster if a passport were lost in the mail along with all the visas previously received. Luckily, it did not happen.

So running around to get all the visas gave us quite a headache. It got so bad that at one point I decided that in future I would boycott countries that require tourist visas.

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