Katana, Incorporated


Incorporated (1991) to serve IT needs. Principal area of industry activity involves helping clients/employers deploy, upgrade to, and maintain IBM mid-range information systems. Today that specifically means the System i (aka AS/400, eSeries, i5, or Power#) and its integral DB2 relational database.

Since 1992, personnel also have been 'hands-on' experienced in using 'personal computing' technologies, principally in regard to connecting these to IBM's mid-range systems, but also for general Internet usages. A range of PC operating systems have been used by the firm in these efforts, through DOS, Win/98SE, OS/2, Win/XP, Win/7, and to Linux.



Résumés, M$-Word

Résumés, plain text

     As technological change included the Internet, personnel have employed HTML, XHTML, XML, and CSS, and it is now possible to publish dynamic content using RPG and other mid-range tools, providing information from relational databases.